The Future Is Digital

Computer Science

Next-generation technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction are driving digitization initiatives across the private sector and beyond. Companies are starting to embrace these rapidly-evolving innovations or risk being left behind. That said, finding the right talent and ideas to make the transition is a massive challenge. To build your talent pipeline effectively, consider partnering with UC Santa Barbara’s Department of Computer Science.

Highly ranked among major research universities the Department prepares competent, creative and collaborative graduates who are ready to help your company. Hundreds of undergraduate students are graduated ever year, many of whom join top software companies, but they are also looking for opportunities to make a difference in other leading finance, manufacturing, services and technology enterprises.

The Department’s graduate students are guided by top leaders in their fields, working as student researchers in labs producing breakthroughs across a variety of spaces, some of them described below. These are the software engineers and architects who could take your company into the future

Inside the Allosphere a wireframe of an object is displayed.

Taking the First Step

Interested in exploring opportunities? Check out the Get Started page for helpful contacts and resources.

You may also wish to take a small initial step and support the Department’s Capstone projects for the upcoming academic year.

Corporate Partnership Opportunities

Support, Build Relationships, Collaborate

A partnership with UC Santa Barbara’s Department of Computer Science is an opportunity to get to know both the exceptional students who might join your company and the faculty whose labs are preparing them. By funding student fellowships, you may well be investing in your company’s future. Consider the work being done by UC Santa Barbara in these fields:

An abstract image of of 0s and 1s representing data science.

An abstract image of 0s and 1s representing data science.

Database and Information Management

Database and information management have long been UC Santa Barbara specialties, addressing issues in multi-modal data, large data set analysis and modern database architecture. Your company’s investment in these labs’ graduate students would help to develop the engineers who will create innovations in the capture, analysis, storage and analysis of critical company data.

The campus-wide Data Science Initiative seeks to equip as many graduates as possible with data science skills. Your company’s support of this initiative would go to the support of exceptional students from around the Central Coast region, many of whom are first-generation college student. The Department teaches many core data science courses.

An abstract image of network circuitry.

An abstract image of network circuitry.

Machine Learning

UC Santa Barbara’s highly regarded machine learning faculty are pursuing research in fields such as natural language processing, computer vision, responsible AI and human computer interaction. Because of UC Santa Barbara’s collaborative culture, these researchers are also working with their colleagues across campus. In one example, researchers associated with the Department of Statistics and Applied Probability are applying machine learning and actuarial science to non-traditional fields such as climate change risk management.

An image of data displayed inside the Allosphere.

An image of data displayed inside the Allosphere.

Visual Computing and Interaction

Faculty research to make computers more user-friendly, natural, accessible, and powerful, in domains such as the Internet of Things (IOT), augmented reality and immersive environments is a Department strength. Key labs include the AlloSphere Research Facility, the FourEyes Lab, the Media Arts & Technology Program and others. As the metaverse computing model gains traction, support for this research may help your company to create or implement the new platforms that define your go-to-market in the near future.



Cybersecurity and Cryptography

It is no surprise that trustworthy computing and cybersecurity are top priorities for corporate leaders. Companies must ensure that the data entrusted to them by their customers, employees, suppliers and other key constituencies is handled responsibly and protected from criminals.

UC Santa Barbara researchers welcome close collaboration with partner corporations that can offer real-world insights into cybersecurity threats and solutions. Using techniques that combine elements of machine learning, formal verification, program analysis and other cutting-edge approaches, faculty and student researchers push the envelope of what is possible in labs such as the UCSB SecLab, the UCSB Archlab and the UCSB Computer Science Verification Lab.

By funding current use or endowed fellowships, your company can help prepare the next generation of cybersecurity innovators in this vital field.