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Corporate Partnerships

Leading-edge corporations across many sectors successfully collaborate with UC Santa Barbara to conduct joint research, support talented students and push forward the envelope of what's possible.

See how major companies have benefitted from a partnership with UC Santa Barbara.

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A person next to a Rack of computers in a data center.


Research and Development

With help from PwC, UCSB students tackle a real-world data science problem

Data Science.

UCSB | Amazon

Teaming for Technology

UCSB and Amazon's Alexa division have begun to deepen their collaboration on natural language processing and machine learning

Henly Hall Exterior.

UCSB | Facebook

Facebook Donates $1.5 Million

UC Santa Barbara’s Institute for Energy Efficiency (IEE) and Facebook are announcing a new partnership that will accelerate research into energy-efficient data centers and artificial intelligence (AI).

Facebook Research Blog: How Facebook partners with academia to help drive innovation in energy-efficient technology

Google’s quantum supreme cryostat with Sycamore inside.

UCSB | Google

Achieving Quantum Supremacy

UC Santa Barbara/Google researchers demonstrate the power of 53 entangled qubits

Racks of computers in a data center.

UCSB | Microsoft

Next-Gen Cloud Computing

UC Santa Barbara selected as charter member of Microsoft’s Optics for the Cloud Research Alliance

Michael Freedman.

UCSB | Microsoft

Station Q, The Quest for a Quantum Future

Station Q, headquarters of potentially world-changing quantum computing research, is located just past where the Pacific Ocean meets the sand, up through a grove of palm trees and across a bike path.

Tim Sherwood and Sharon Tettegah.

UCSB | Google

Google's Award for Inclusion Research

University of California, Santa Barbara’s Professor Sharon Tettegah and Professor Tim Sherwood have been awarded Google’s Award for Inclusion Research.

Tim Sherwood and Sharon Tettegah.

UCSB | Mammoth Mountain

Not Your Average School Day

Mammoth Mountain helps local kids develop a love for the outdoors.

Conference room full of attendees with Henry T. Yang speaking.

UCSB | Machine Learning

Leading the Charge

Top minds from industry, academia attend summit focused on responsible machine learning hosted at UCSB

Racks of computers in a data center.

UCSB | Microsoft

Quiet Light for Future Data Centers

ECE professor Daniel Blumenthal’s FRESCO project aims to bring the data center into an energy efficient scalable future