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Partnering with UC Santa Barbara provides companies with access to world renowned faculty and scholars conducting research in the fields that will shape the future, from advanced materials to efficient computing and communications, data science, bioengineering, robotics and quantum computing. Invest in a research lab or create a strategic alliance with one of UC Santa Barbara’s cutting-edge research centers, institutes or major research initiatives.

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Major Initiatives

Explore some current cutting-edge initiatives that can help your company create your next product or service line.

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Data Science Initiative

Data-based insights are central to business, science, engineering, the social sciences and other drivers of the next-gen economy. UC Santa Barbara's Data Science Initiative seeks to equip students from all majors with both basic and advanced data tools and techniques that will help them to make evidence-based discoveries and decisions for your company.

Data Science Initiative

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Efficient Computing and Communications

Researchers at the Institute for Energy Efficiency are working at the forefront of data center innovation, discovering breakthroughs to reduce resource consumption in computing and communications. Work with them on data center architecture, intelligent cooling, machine and application virtualization, photonic interconnect, network management, neuromorphic processing, and efficient machine learning.

Efficient Computing and Communications

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The Center For BioEngineering

This hub for research and teaching at the interface of biology, engineering and physical sciences builds on UC Santa Barbara’s strengths in biophysics, biomaterials, biomolecular discovery, and computational and experimental systems biology. Your company’s partnership will enable fundamental scientific discoveries to transform into applications in medicine and biotechnology.

Center for BioEngineering

Corporate Partnership Success Stories

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Next-Gen Cloud Computing

UC Santa Barbara selected as charter member of Microsoft’s Optics for the Cloud Research Alliance

At an ever-increasing rate, people around the world are turning to the cloud — a globally distributed computer network connected by the internet — to store, access and process their data. The cloud enables users to operate beyond the bounds of local computers and hard drives.

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